Thursday, August 12, 2010

WordWorld & Dive Olly Dive! Review

A few weeks ago our DVD player decided to die. {gasp} This caused a little someone to be rather upset. He loves watching a short DVD in the afternoon while I get a little work done around the house. Plus with 90+ degree days lately, a movie afternoon usually sounds so relaxing (and cool.)

WordWorld: Pirate Sheep
We love the skills WordWorld teaches, from social skills, like making friends and fixing mistakes to literary skills, such as sounding words out and rhyming.
Pirate Sheep, is a 60 minute DVD featuring 4 episodes from the WordWorld friends. Pirate Ship, Superhero Sheep, Mail Mix Up, and Wee Little Whale all offer the same positive messages and educational value we've loved on past WordWorld DVDs.

Dive Olly Dive! Under Pressure
We had never watched Dive Olly Dive! before viewing the Under Pressure DVD. Following the adventures of two submarines in training, the episodes teach kids about overcoming obstacles and working through setbacks with teamwork.Under Pressure has a run time of 60 minutes and includes 5 episodes: Sub Magnet, Pressure's On, Grandpa Claude, Doug's Apprentices, and A Jelly Old Time. Little Man thought the DVD was fun and enjoyed seeing what Olly and his friend, Beth, would get into next.

Both DVDs are available at Toys R Us, Amazon, or NCircle Entertainment

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Jessie said...

Those look like fun :) Great review mama!

erin said...

I love Word World! It's a great show!

Simply Being Mommy said...

Word World is a favorite around here!

Beeb said...

Sounds like these are a good choice for little ones! Sorry your DVD player is broken, hope it gets fixed soon!