Monday, January 26, 2009

I'm a Quitter

I was so excited to open up my copy of Parents magazine and find an article titled "So Long Cigarettes" this month. I usually don't admit to being a smoker. I don't want to deal with the stigma that follows being a mom who smokes. I don't want the lectures, advice, or horror stories I usually hear. I know it's bad for my health, I know it's disgusting, and I know I should quit. As much as I don't want it to define me, in a way it does.

For me, smoking is easy, it relieves stress, it gives me a much needed moment to myself (as we only smoke outside, and never around the little one), and it's routine. It truly is an addiction. And anyone who knows me will quickly realize I have a very addictive personality. When I do something, it quickly becomes a part of my life. Be it drinking coffee, saying a new phrase, blogging, or smoking. I let things consume my life far too easily.

However, I have finally decided to make a change. I am on day 4 of quitting, and it is going surprisingly well. I've tried before, going cold turkey, cutting back, getting support from my hubby (who also smokes). This time, we've decided to go all in together and were prescribed Chantix.

I have no urge to smoke. None. Nada. Zilch. The past few days I have still indulged in a few, mostly out of habit. But I've cut down to 2 or 3 a day, which is a drastic change for me. As I continue on this week, my goal is to find other ways to indulge myself. Be it a bubble bath, a good book, or a few extra minutes to hop on-line.

By the end of the week, and the last cigarette in the pack, hubby and I both plan to be done for good. We know this won't be an easy road, and there will be moments when we need some support from the other. But, it's something we both want to truly succeed at.

Wish me luck! And if you have any good advice or tips on ways I can sneak a few good minutes to myself, please leave them!


Sarah said...

Yaaaay!! Up your exercise as soon as possible. A lot of my friends have quit and immediately started complaining about putting weight on. Maybe if you find a workout you love it will go easier! Congratulations!

Bloggymommy said...

I was so glad to read this post! You've really put yourself out there b/c so many women who don't smoke immediately put a lable on any mother that does smoke. I will admit (since you have) that I too am a smoker. I am extremely disappointed in myself and usually don't tell people that I do b/c I HATE that I do's embarrassing! I've never been able to quit longer than the required 9 months before I feel the urge and desire to start back up. I enjoy smoking...gross I know, but it's a relaxing 'me time' to myself that I crave. I really really want to quit but just don't know how to do it since I'm not preggers. If you need some support please feel free to talk to me...I'm great at giving advice just not taking advice! lol Good luck!!!

Debateur said...

Firstly I really want to express my heartfelt thanks for your kind words on my blog yesterday. It's at times like this that we really need our friends.

Good for you on the smoking. The only advise I can give you is to find a hobby or something else fun to replace what the smoking was doing for you. The dependence is relatively easy to quit (yeah right) it's the lifestyle which is much more difficult.

Amanda said...

Good for you! I read a few days ago, on another blog, about a couple who had quit and each day they put the money they would have spent on cigarettes into a jar so they could see how much money they were saving.

You can do it!