Tuesday, January 13, 2009

It's Time To...Routine Chart

I was recently introduced to Milestone Parenting, a mom inspired company that has created It's Time To...Routine Charts. The charts provide a visual for young children to help them understand the components of their daily schedule through easily recognizable photos.

The It's Time To...chart arrived along with 21 stickers to fill the spaces on the poster. The chart itself is self adhesive, although I choose to use tape to adhere it to our school area poster. Once the poster was up, my 4 year old looked through the stickers and choose the ones applicable to his own routine. He then helped me put them in the correct order.

Once all the stickers had been placed onto the chart, I filled in the clocks on each block with the erasable marker. I was so glad it was easy to erase, since I, of course, had to fix things once or twice.I was surprised at how extensive the stickers were, including everything from waking up, getting dressed, playing, eating, reading, and many more. Although there were several that didn't apply to our own schedule, like going to school and taking medicine, the stickers are removable, so if we ever need to add them, it will be a simple task.GM was so excited to see his day all mapped out. We have the hardest time following a routine, but are finding it easier with having the chart to look at. I'm hoping this continues to make tasks, like brushing his teeth and taking baths, easier for us, since he will know when to expect each activity.


lonestar said...

Visual schedules work great for my boys too. I love that one, it's cute!

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Sherry said...

I might check this one out for my grandson. What a nice idea!