Saturday, July 3, 2010


This is the sight I've seen most weekends this summer. Hay. Lots and lots of hay.
I don't mind the work. Its tiring, but I always sleep well when I'm done. I usually sweat a few pounds off too. No heat compares to that of a hay lot. It has to be 100 plus up there, with dust and gunk flying through the air.
What I do mind are the critters we run into. A bale came flying off the chute yesterday, and as I grabbed it to load onto the wagon, my mom started screaming at me to drop it. Not having a clue why she was screaming, I stood there with it. Just staring at her.

After I finally dropped it, and she kicked it off the wagon, I caught glimpse of a snake (well, half a snake) wiggling out the bottom. Just thinking about it makes me sick to my stomach.

Lesson of the day for my 5 year old: Snakes continue to move even without half their body.

And just don't I don't leave you on that note...A little randomness from our day:

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Elizabeth James said...

There is nothing like gettin up some hay! It was a hot sweaty mess but the memories are priceless...gotta love country living...we miss it!