Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Mighty Machines: Revved Up! DVD Review

Boys, at least those living in or visiting my house, are known for their love of a few things. Dirt seems to be number one. Followed closely behind by bugs and things that go.

Upon seeing the cover of the Mighty Machines: Revved Up! DVD, I knew it would be a hit with my son and nephew. Revved Up! contains three segments: Building an Airplane, Ride the Mountain Rails, and Reach for the Sky. Throughout the DVD, there are fun facts, live footage of the machines, and music.With a run time of 90 minutes, the boys are able to get their fill of machines. They loved seeing how an airplane went together and how the crane works to lift objects.

For the 2-5 year old range, Mighty Machines: Revved Up! was a definite hit.

Buy It:
You can find Mighty Machines: Revved Up! at Amazon, Toys R Us, or NCircle Entertainment for $6.99.

A DVD was provided for our review. All opinions are our own.

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