Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Soccer Books for Kids: A Review

With our soccer season coming to an end, Little Man is sad that it will be a few months until he gets to play on a team again. He has loved the social aspects of playing soccer, loved learning new skills, and loved the excitement of the games.

We recently received a few books all about soccer. Reading them together has been a fun way to keep the idea of team sports and playing ball fresh in Little Man's head. Though the spring season is almost over, reading the books has him looking forward to the upcoming fall season.

Big Kicks
Big Kicks, by Bob Kolar, tells the story of a town soccer team in need of help. One day they find themselves short a player and go looking for help in the form of Biggie Bear. Because of his size, the teams thinks he will be a superstar, but Biggie has never played soccer before.
The book teaches kids that there's more to sports than size and that being part of a team can be rewarding. Joining a team can lead to friendships and a sense of belonging.

Goal! by Mina Javaherbin is a touching story of a group of boys in Africa. As a reward for being the best reader in school, the young boy narrating the story receives a regulation sized soccer ball. However, the streets in their town aren't safe. The boy and his friends must appoint a lookout before starting a game, and even then, they come face to face with bullies who almost steal their new ball.
Quick thinking, and a little trickery, allows them to keep the new ball. And once the streets are clear again, the boys are able to continue with their game. The trials of these boys made us realize just how lucky we are. We are able to walk outside and play any time we want. We have the freedom to feel safe in our neighborhood.

The Silly Book
We also received a copy of The Silly Book by Stoo Hample. Though not soccer related, my son adored this book. Filled with poems, cartoon drawings, and songs, every page brought about a giggle. I've caught him reading the book on his own quite a few times, laughing to himself.All three of these books are wonderful additions to our bookshelf, and I'm sure will be read over and over throughout the summer.

Copies of the books were provided for my review. All opinions are my own.

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