Friday, March 19, 2010

Sneaky, Sneaky Leprechaun

Apparently, every 5 year old in Little Man's kindergarten class wants to come to our house next St Patrick's Day. Supposedly, they are all planning out leprechaun traps to catch the sneaky leprechaun that visits our house each spring. (Which I completely believe after seeing several sketches of rainbow covered boxes and holes covered with grass.)

This sneaky leprechaun leaves footprints all over the house. (While wearing cowboy boots with spurs it seems.)

He writes letters to his little friends. Letters with clues on them.
And he leaves you the luck of the Irish. And a gift.


Penelope said...

That is sooo cute! Creative :) I love the fun things children do, like this. I can't wait to start activities like this with my son.

Jessie said...

Very cute! I totally dropped the ball and was concentrating more on Easter when Piper came home from preschool with tales of Leprechauns. There's always next year lol :)