Friday, December 3, 2010


Tuesday: Completely forgot it was Little Man's day at the library. Even more, it was the first day in the new library at school. I forgot to send his book so he "had to sit and read a magazine the whole time."

Wednesday: Forgot about Santa's Secret Workshop. Thankfully, some sweet parent gave him $5 to spend. Unfortunately, he has no idea who it was. So I just sent an envelope with money to school and asked the teacher to repay the mom or give it to another kid who forgets.

Realized it was December 1st at about 1:30. Scrambled to create an Advent Calendar in under two hours.
Thursday: Sent Little Man off to school without gloves. It was only 30 couple degrees outside, so he was forced to wear a pair from the teacher's stash. He only acted a little overly dramatic about the whole thing.

Friday: Was so excited that I remembered the food drive started today. Had the bag of boxed goods sitting at the door ready to go, impressed I was sending the requested items on the right day. Double checked the calendar. And the food drive started two days ago.

I am so thankful the weekend's almost here.