Saturday, August 30, 2008

Yard Sale Diva

I've been MIA the last few days, bouncing in only for a quick post. I guess though you could call it LIG-lost in garage. We had this great idea to have a yard sale, which I totally blame on my obbsession with Clean House. We coordinated it with the huge one next door, so that we could get some free advertising and do a little shopper stealing.

I've learned quite a few things from this:

1. Yard sales are A LOT of work. We had a small one before, but we decided to go all out this year. Too bad I didn't start organizing til last night, I was up til 1 am trying to get everything sorted and priced. Then I was too tired to hear the alarm and overslept, great way to start the day.

2. I hate people touching "my stuff." I thought I was fully comfortable with people buying my junk, but I still wanted to tell them to be careful and to wash their hands before touching.

3. Toys sell better with batteries in them, but, it is damn annoying to her Elmo sing 56 times in 8 hours. You heard it sing when the person beside you pushed it, do you really need to try it out again just to be sure?

4. People can be so aggravating. I watched this lady, well, I heard her before she was even out of her van, with her kid today and I just wanted to scream at her. She gets out, straps the leash to the kid (I have nothing against them, although I'd never use one). She proceeds to drag him across the parking lot, just like a puppy. Oh, he fell? Let's yank him back up with the leash. People treat their dogs better than this. This lady didn't talk either, every utterance from her mouth was whining, mostly whining that the kid was whining. How obnoxious is that? I wonder where he learned it. Really, some one go call C & Y on this lady, now.

5. No matter how much you make, it never ends up to be a profit. We had a good sale, I was impressed that our junk brought in $160, but then as I'm carrying back in the tables we used to set up on, I bumped the corner of the glass top, chipping off a huge corner. Now, yes, stupid me for using it in the first place, but we were desperate for table space, but did it really need to break? Now I've got to figure out how to fix that up. Anyone have some duck tape?

Friday, August 29, 2008

Celebrity Collage by MyHeritage

Loved the results, although I'm not sure how much I believe them. What do you think?

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Vote, Vote, Vote for Trisha!

Those wonderful ladies over at MomDot are having more fabulous events going on over at their site. We're talking major prizes, more blog listings, and ladies in lingerie. Yes, you read it right Miss Trisha strutted her hot self right onto youTube to up the odds at getting herself (and MomDot) into the Hot Blogger Calendar.
We were all ready to help her out with some whip cream and chocolate syrup, but it just didn't work out. Here's why:

So take a moment to check out the video then head over and vote! You'll find Trisha (MomDot) towards the bottom. Little GM helped out, sort of, you need to too!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I'm Thinking Christmas

The ladies over at MomDot are having an amazing giveaway from some fabulous websites. As I was perusing the sponsor's sites, I got to thinking about Christmas shopping. Every year, I wait til last minute, I tell myself I'm going to do handmade gifts, then time runs out, and I hit every store within a fifty mile radius. This year will be different though. I'm planning ahead and I have found a few great places to start.

First and foremost, I'll have to stop at Little Ladybug Designs for some beautiful Christmas cards to send out to all the family. Sure most of our family lives nearby, but who wouldn't want to find this Winter Wonderland Photo Card in their mailbox? Just imagine GM's cute little grin pictured on the front.

Since it is so darn chilly Christmas morning, I know GM would love waking up with a brand new blanket, like this amazing brown boy's blanket from Baby Boudoir. I was really hoping they made one to fit my bed! I don't think it's quite big enough, but they do have plenty of other blankets to keep little toes warm!

My next stop will definitely be at My Embroidered Gifts to pick up some of the cutest stuffed animals out there, this coming from a momma with a million and one filling up her house already. My son will be spotting an "I Love My Daddy" Lion peeking out of his stocking this year. It's too darn sweet to resist!

Finally, I'll drop by One Posh Kid to pick up some special gifts for Little M. They have some very stylish clothes over there. I've been checking out the Personalized Tank and the Hot Pink Ribbon Set. With clothes like these, she'll be all set to start school next year!

Off to dream dreams of wonderful Christmas gifts!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Lazy Day

I've been so lazy today. I'm lucky I've managed to shower and stay awake this long. I just have no desire to do anything. On that note, I thought I'd post photos of the bus cake from last week's adventure. I forgot to even take them until it was already packed up, oops!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Thoughts on Waitressing

I may have mentioned that I waitress a few days a week before. To me, it's a way to earn a little money, get some adult interaction, and get out of the house just for a bit. While I love working with people sometimes, there are days where just the idea of it makes me cringe. Here's some tips from this girl on going out to eat, from my waitress point of view:

1. I'm a server, not a servant, please keep that in mind. While I don't mind taking your order, bring your food, and all that, don't ask me to get you a newspaper (get it yourself), don't expect me to be at your every beck and call, and do not expect me to do things you wouldn't do yourself. (This includes cleaning up your kid's puke, which someone actually asked me to do, they got a roll of paper towels, a bag, and a dirty look.)

2. Be patient. Do not sit down and tell me you are in a hurry, you've got to be somewhere in 20 minutes. Everyone else is in a hurry too, if you're so hard pressed for time, go to McDonalds.

3. Keep your children sitting down. Do people not realize it's dangerous for a young child to run around a restaurant? I'm walking around with hot food, coffee pots, and lots of other things you don't want your child to wear, so keep them in their seat.

4. If you have a problem, tell me asap. Don't eat your entire meal, then tell me it was disgusting and you had to choke it down. If I can fix it, I will, but complaining afterward is just annoying, and yes, you will still get charged.

5. Don't complain over $0.15! Really, you ordered the food, you shoved your face, then you tell me I overcharged you by a few pennies? Lady: You charged us 15 cents for raisin toast. Me: Yes, you ordered it right? (Probably as I rolled my eyes and thought, are you really this freaking cheap?) Lady: They didn't charge us last time. Me: Well, they should of. (As I walk away, cringing as I think of the tip this cheap lady is going to leave me.)

6. Which brings me to tipping, I've heard people comment that we shouldn't get tips because we get a paycheck too. Um, I make $2.83 an hour, that equals out to less than $1 after taxes. So yes, I rely on tips, it's the only way to make this job worth being there. Stop tipping, and I'll stop working.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Wanna Play Doctor?

Hearing those words, "wanna play doctor?" coming out of the mouth of a 4-year-old is enough to make any momma cringe. No one can really know what to expect from a 4-year-old to start with, let alone what lengths they'll go to to play doctor.

So, I'm standing in the kitchen and hear Little M, GM's cousin, asking him if he'd like to play. I keep my distance, but make sure I can see and hear what's going on. She proceeds to tell him that she's having a baby and he is to take it out. (Oh my goodness!) I watch as she pushes out her little belly, trying her hardest to play the part. He holds a stethoscope up, listens for a second, and proudly annouces, "The baby is asleep, she will be coming out at 4 o'clock." Then he moves on to playing cars. (Whew!)

Friday, August 22, 2008

A Bad Momma

Ok, I'm feeling a little guilty today, one of those days where maybe I'm not cut out to be a momma after all. I was exhausted this morning, the little one yelling at me at 7 am to "get up, go downstairs, let's go!" A good hour later I rolled out of bed, he had played happily, doing puzzles on the floor that long. Sweet kid!

Then lunch rolled around and GM asked for grilled cheese, no big deal right? Well, the poor kid had his heart all set on the sandwich when I realized we had no bread. Who runs out of bread? Of course, it's the only thing he wants, and is now annoyed that he can't have it.

Now, I'm allowing our tv to be taken over by the annoying brats of Kid's Songs, just to get a few minutes to myself. It is the only dvd he'll sit and just watch. So sorry, Netflix, you aren't getting it back anytime soon.

I guess I'm lucky to have munchkin who is able to deal with momma's incompetences and still seem to be turning out okay.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Launch Party for Nola Meadows

Over at Posh Point of View, there is an amazing launch party going on. Today is the opening for Nola Meadows. Go check out all the amazing jewerly. I'll warn you, you won't know which to choose, since they are all fabulous.

MomDot's Fight Against Muffin Top

The crazy mommy bloggers over at MomDot blog, is hosting a contest to make the world a better place and to fight muffintop. Please come over and enter to win an amazing giveaway from Blush, where you can keep or pass along an awesome topless undershirt. They need 200 entries to get more shirts to give away, so come enter this worthwhile fashion cause. And while you are there, dont forget about the other awesome giveaways and new chat room. Oh, and Toni is crazy. Really, really crazy.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Fully Venting

Today was one of those day. A should've stayed in bed, should've covered my head, should've kept the lights off, should've been all alone day. It was terrible, aggravating, don't want to do it again kind of day. In my need to vent, here are the top complaints of the day:

1. The cake didn't turn out as well as expected, everyone else loved it, but there were some definite imperfections. Then, someone stuck their finger through the top of it before it was delivered. No, it wasn't GM, it was a fully grown adult, who wouldn't admit to.

2. People suck, well, the people I encountered at work today did. They were complainy, whiney, and irritating. (Just like I am now, but I fully blame it on them.) Honestly, if you're going to go out to eat, you need to remember that you'll be interacting with other people, so put on your big boy panties and act like an adult. My 4 year old has better manners.

3. I'm tired. Not just tired, but fully exhausted. After being up past mindnight working on the cake and then getting up at 4:30. Oh, did I mention the lady only gave me $20 for the cake, barely enough to cover the supplies. Cheap.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

First Cake Request

Ever since the cakes from GM's birthday, people have been asking if we could make them a cake for this or that occasion. I've been saying yes, but am so nervous, because I know they are never completely perfect. I don't want people relying on us for the amazing cake and then being disappointed.

So, a co-worker requested we make her grandson a school bus cake for his going to kindergarten party tomrrow. The cake has been baked, the supplies organized, and all that good stuff. Now, I'm just putting off assembling the cake because I'm afraid I'll screw it up. Ahhh!
Here's pics of the cakes from the last 2 years:

Lightening McQueen was so hard! The other is a Monster Truck course. Below is a monkey from his 2nd party.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Fall, Fall, Where Are You?

I'm slacking today. The morning was crazy, GM was bouncing off the walls like someone slipped him coffee for breakfast. Then, we had to get groceries because there was next to nothing left im the house. The trip was utterly disasterous, with 12 different meltdowns throughout the store. He was definitely having one of those days.

The only thought in my head today is that I am so ready for fall. All this talk about back to school shopping, cooler temperatures, and hot cocoa is making me crave those cool outdoor dinners and fun times jumping in the leaves.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sunday Photos

Sunday's are busy, busy around here. I start my day before the crack of dawn to get to work and spend the rest of the day with my family. I spent a good part of the afternoon taking pictures outside with GM. Here's a few of my favorites:

The beautiful sunflowers GM planted:

One of the sweet kittens:
Random thistle:

A vine I just couldn't resist:

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Cupcake Cravings

I had this huge craving for cupcakes yesterday, and the little one, aka GM, is not one to argue. Even though we had a few issues, like usual, they turned out pretty darn good. You can't even tell that we didn't have enough eggs or that the batter was lumpy because the the electric mixer wouldn't start. I did have a moment where I thought it was going to explode, but, no worries, my kitchen is still intact.

The mini ones didn't turn out too bad either, except that one in the corner, that tumbled to it's demise shortly after the photo. Too much icing should never be a bad thing.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Giveaway at MomDot

The wonderful ladies over at MomDot are giving away an amazing Key Fob from muraldevotee's Shop. Don't know what a Key Fob is? To be honest, I wasn't so sure either. Go check out the shop and you will definitely be impressed! The products there look fabulous and perfect for Christmas gifts!

Whats that, Punk?

Ever since I can rememer, the midget has been very verbal. He came out crying and screaming and never quieted down. He picks up new words at lightening speed, and people always say they are so impressed at how he talks. Enough with the bragging though.

The midget has picked up a new word. Not one I can remember using, but he heard it somewhere. Can you guess it? PUNK! When he first said it, I thought he was calling me a punk. I let it go, thinking it was a one time thing, but then I kept hearing it over and over.

Punk has become an all encompassing word. Don't know what it's called, it's a punk. How many punks (scoops) do we put in? How does this punk (a new toy) work? Whats that punk (commercial on tv)? Punk, punk, punk. I feel like it's all I've heard today.

Hope he grows out of the punk phase before school. Can just see it now. Looking at his teacher, "Who's that punk?" Trying out something new, "I can't do this punk!" Don't know the answer, "It just punky." Never imagined my four year old turning punk already, thought I had plenty of time before I had to handle that.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Mommy Brain

For the past four years, I've suffered from Mommy Brain. Really, it's a disease, go look it up. I'm sure you'll find a million other mommy's suffering right along side me. I used to remember everything. I mean everything. I could tell what I had eaten for the whole last week, every person I talked to, and what I wore everyday of the week, in order.

Now, I can't even remember how old I am. No joke, I had to check my MySpace account yesterday to see my own age. It proudly stated that I'm 23. Guess, I forgot that last birthday. I forget some days that my shoes are supposed to match. (There really are two that go together, right? And they're both in the house?) Let's be honest, some days I forget that I'm supposed to brush my teeth. Wait, hair too, and shower? Yikes, that's asking a whole lot.

There are a few things I remember though. I know where a lost lovey is, I can tell you exactly where my son left his favorite sippy cup, and I can point my hubby to his missing belt, shirt, or shoe. How does the hubby lose so much stuff anyways? I'm not buying a Daddy Brain defense.

Maybe one of these days I'll recover all the brain cells I've lost. My guess is, it'll be more like years though, at least 14 or so. If it gets worse after another baby however, I could be in big trouble!

Birthday Fun

The little one's birthday was exactly a week ago. As with every year, we struggled to pick a theme. First, he wanted to do "Things that go" again, but we talked him out of it. After weeks of thinking, we all agreed to do "Animal Rescuers." We combined Bindi the Jungle Girl with Diego, which of course meant making two cakes. Hours of working later, we finished the jaguar and Bindi's treehouse/zoo.

I hate parties, I'm not a people person, and there were so many people in our house that I barely knew. So I was forced to make small talk with everyone, while trying to keeps tabs on the kiddos. I was so glad when it was time for presents, and everyone was forced to sit still. The little one was a little to grateful during gift time. It ended up being 45 minutes of him saying "I love it, it's just what I wanted, I've been asking for this forever, thank you so much," over and over, to every single gift. Guess I shouldn't have prompted him on how to be thankful, it went over much to well.

The embarrassment of the day came when he exclaimed, "I asked for this all the, but my momma wouldn't let me have it." Mean momma! What kid doesn't need a web-blaster? Wait, that was the second embarrassing moment of the day. The first was when the four-year-old exclaimed to everyone within earshot, "The garage is shut so you don't see all of my mommy's junk!" Grr, kiddo!

Then there was the pinata, homemade of course, which turned out like a brick. Each kid took 3 turns at whacking it, and ten minutes later, it finally had a small crack. When it finally broke, after all the anticipation of the kiddos, two pieces of candy fell out. I had to tip it to get the rest to crash to the ground. Next year, I'll just make it out of concrete, it might break easier.

What am I talking about? Next year it'll be Chuckie Cheese all the way!

About Us

Well, I guess ya'll might want to know a little more about me. I live in a little podunk town, literally inthe middle of nowhere. We have one red light-wahoo & a few hundred morons who like to spend their Wednesday nights setting off fireworks and seeing what they can catch on fire. Which of course is what I'm hearing as I type.

I call myself a stay-at-home-mom, but I work a few days of the week, make some money & come back home. I love to complain, especially about work, maybe just to annoy the hubby, but I'm sure a few of those rants will come out here too. I went to college and finished up by BA after my son was born, than decided to stay home anyways. And yes, I consider this a "real job" and those who disagree, please just kept it to yourself. I'm sure you can't say anything I haven't already heard.

On to the midget. The little one is too smart for his own good somedays. He's a reader and an animal lover. He'll corner you to tell you every animal from the Aye-Aye to the Zebu. His favorite, of course, is the Proboscis Monkey, and it's nose like no other. He is also the story-teller of the family, like last week: "There's probably mice living under the house, Momma. Maybe a rat down there running around, finding things to eat." As he sees my annoyance, "I'm only trying to tell you there could be a small rodent under the floorboards." Yes, my 4-year-old really talks like that, but I assure you, no small rodents have been found (and if I do, they will promptly be killed, with no thought to what PETA may say).

More on it all to come...

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Me in my Craziness

Ugh...the first post. So, in all honesty, I have no idea what to say to start this off, and I'm fairly certain that it won't be of any interest to most people out there. But, I've got plenty to say, so I figure, why not?

So, why "Momma's Gone Over the Wall?" Mostly because I generally feel insane. I'm a 20-something SAHM to a crazy 4 year old. He has driven me up a wall each and every day and I'm so far past it now. The hubby also tends to instigate, so things are never calm in this house. No matter how crazy it gets, I love it and love my life.