Saturday, August 30, 2008

Yard Sale Diva

I've been MIA the last few days, bouncing in only for a quick post. I guess though you could call it LIG-lost in garage. We had this great idea to have a yard sale, which I totally blame on my obbsession with Clean House. We coordinated it with the huge one next door, so that we could get some free advertising and do a little shopper stealing.

I've learned quite a few things from this:

1. Yard sales are A LOT of work. We had a small one before, but we decided to go all out this year. Too bad I didn't start organizing til last night, I was up til 1 am trying to get everything sorted and priced. Then I was too tired to hear the alarm and overslept, great way to start the day.

2. I hate people touching "my stuff." I thought I was fully comfortable with people buying my junk, but I still wanted to tell them to be careful and to wash their hands before touching.

3. Toys sell better with batteries in them, but, it is damn annoying to her Elmo sing 56 times in 8 hours. You heard it sing when the person beside you pushed it, do you really need to try it out again just to be sure?

4. People can be so aggravating. I watched this lady, well, I heard her before she was even out of her van, with her kid today and I just wanted to scream at her. She gets out, straps the leash to the kid (I have nothing against them, although I'd never use one). She proceeds to drag him across the parking lot, just like a puppy. Oh, he fell? Let's yank him back up with the leash. People treat their dogs better than this. This lady didn't talk either, every utterance from her mouth was whining, mostly whining that the kid was whining. How obnoxious is that? I wonder where he learned it. Really, some one go call C & Y on this lady, now.

5. No matter how much you make, it never ends up to be a profit. We had a good sale, I was impressed that our junk brought in $160, but then as I'm carrying back in the tables we used to set up on, I bumped the corner of the glass top, chipping off a huge corner. Now, yes, stupid me for using it in the first place, but we were desperate for table space, but did it really need to break? Now I've got to figure out how to fix that up. Anyone have some duck tape?

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