Thursday, August 14, 2008

About Us

Well, I guess ya'll might want to know a little more about me. I live in a little podunk town, literally inthe middle of nowhere. We have one red light-wahoo & a few hundred morons who like to spend their Wednesday nights setting off fireworks and seeing what they can catch on fire. Which of course is what I'm hearing as I type.

I call myself a stay-at-home-mom, but I work a few days of the week, make some money & come back home. I love to complain, especially about work, maybe just to annoy the hubby, but I'm sure a few of those rants will come out here too. I went to college and finished up by BA after my son was born, than decided to stay home anyways. And yes, I consider this a "real job" and those who disagree, please just kept it to yourself. I'm sure you can't say anything I haven't already heard.

On to the midget. The little one is too smart for his own good somedays. He's a reader and an animal lover. He'll corner you to tell you every animal from the Aye-Aye to the Zebu. His favorite, of course, is the Proboscis Monkey, and it's nose like no other. He is also the story-teller of the family, like last week: "There's probably mice living under the house, Momma. Maybe a rat down there running around, finding things to eat." As he sees my annoyance, "I'm only trying to tell you there could be a small rodent under the floorboards." Yes, my 4-year-old really talks like that, but I assure you, no small rodents have been found (and if I do, they will promptly be killed, with no thought to what PETA may say).

More on it all to come...

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