Friday, August 15, 2008

Whats that, Punk?

Ever since I can rememer, the midget has been very verbal. He came out crying and screaming and never quieted down. He picks up new words at lightening speed, and people always say they are so impressed at how he talks. Enough with the bragging though.

The midget has picked up a new word. Not one I can remember using, but he heard it somewhere. Can you guess it? PUNK! When he first said it, I thought he was calling me a punk. I let it go, thinking it was a one time thing, but then I kept hearing it over and over.

Punk has become an all encompassing word. Don't know what it's called, it's a punk. How many punks (scoops) do we put in? How does this punk (a new toy) work? Whats that punk (commercial on tv)? Punk, punk, punk. I feel like it's all I've heard today.

Hope he grows out of the punk phase before school. Can just see it now. Looking at his teacher, "Who's that punk?" Trying out something new, "I can't do this punk!" Don't know the answer, "It just punky." Never imagined my four year old turning punk already, thought I had plenty of time before I had to handle that.

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