Monday, August 1, 2011

Top 100 Pasta Dishes: Cookbook Review

My house is full of picky eaters. It seems like everyone has a list of what they will or won't eat, or in my case, what I can eat. However, it seems like every week my meal plan includes at least one pasta night.

I recently had the chance to check out Top 100 Pasta Dishes: Easy Everyday Recipes that Children will Love by Annabel Karmel. The book is filled with such a variety of pasta dishes that it wasn't hard to find a new recipe to try. The topics in the book include pastas for babies and toddlers, plus poultry, meat, fish, and veggie dishes. I was excited to try the Fusilli with sausage and sweet peppers. It's filled with tangy cherry tomatoes, sweet peppers, and spicy sausage. And even though the heartburn with this pregnancy is through the roof, I constantly want to eat peppers and tomatoes from our garden, so I found this recipe to be amazing. The best part? It was ready in under 30 minutes. The only substitution I made was corn pasta for the typical wheat pasta, but it was still a hit in our house.

I really like that the book tells readers what ages the recipes are appropriate for, as well as whether or not they are suitable for freezing. The recipes also use ingredients I typically have on hand and offer quick meals for those of us who are always rushing at dinnertime. We can't wait to try out more recipes.

Buy It: Top 100 Pasta Dishes by Annabel Karmel will be available August 9th for $18.

A copy of the book was provided for our review. All opinions are our own.

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