Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Ever been out when your baby decides it's time to fill a diaper? Happens to us every single time we go somewhere. Which really wouldn't be a huge ordeal, except for the fact that I never remember to take a trash bag with us to contain the stink. And I'd feel way too guilty throwing something that potent into a public trash can.

DiaperPods are an innovative solution to the stinky, stuck without a bag situation. The trash receptacle is actually built right into the back of the diaper. It's completely sealed, to maximize safety, but easy for a grownup to access, allowing for easy disposal of a dirty diaper.Want to try DiaperPods? Well, they need your help. DiaperPods aren't in stores yet, but can be, with your vote in Walmart's Get on the Shelf contest. The contest will help three new products land on shelves. Voting is going on now until April 3rd. You can vote for DiaperPods up to twice a day.

A sample was provided for review. All opinions are our own.

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