Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Playdate Book Review

As a mom, I know far too well how hard it is to let your kids with anyone else.  Even friends.  The Playdate, British author, Louise Millar's debut novel, explores the fears almost every mother endures. 

Callie, mother to Rae, a sweet, but frail little girl is the new mom on the street.  She is thrilled to be welcomed by Suzy, a mother of three, who seems to have it all together.  Suzy has a beautiful home, no money worries, and a handsome husband.

After Callie decides to go back to work and another newcomer, Debs, moves to the street, things change between Callie and Suzy.  Debs, with her sordid past and mental fragility adds to the tension between the once best friends.

It seems that when Rae is in the care of others, bad things are sure to follow.  While Callie is heartbroken to see her daughter hurt and constantly tries to protect her, she also wants her daughter to be able to live her life.

The Playdate starts as the story of neighbors and friendship, but it soon changes to a thought-provoking thriller.  Because it is told from each of the three women's perspectives, I constantly changed my own view about each of the characters.

The Playdate was a quick read,full of likeable, yet surprising characters.  Millar developed the storyline in a way that draws in readers and leaves them wanting to know exactly how each character will fare. 

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A copy of the book was provided for review.  All opinions are my own.

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