Friday, September 14, 2012

August Birthdays

This past month flew by. We've celebrated Little Man's 8th birthday and Babycake's 1st. There was lots of excitement, cake, and celebration. In honor of Little Man's birthday, we decided we would go out and do eight nice things for other people.

Our (not-so) random acts of kindness:
1. Pay for someone's breakfast. (The waitress later told me that the man said his birthday was actually the next day.)
2. Take donuts for the waitresses/cooks. (We did this at the place I work part-time.)
3. Leave coloring books and crayons in the birth center's waiting room.
4. Tape change to soda and candy machines.
5. Take donuts to the mom & baby group we used to attend.
6. Make cards for people who might need cheering up.
7. Leave quarters in the grocery store toy machines for kids to find.
8. Took cold water to a family who was in an accident in front of our house. It was sweltering out when someone clipped their horse and buggy and they had to wait for a horse trailer to pick them us.

The afternoon was all about Little Man, as we hit an arcade, miniature golf, and dinner at his favorite restaurant with his best friend. The day ended with lots of smiles and a slight sugar crash.

Babycakes's 1st birthday was much more relaxed.  We shared cake (gluten & dairy free) as a family and sang "Happy Birthday."  But, it was otherwise pretty uneventful.  The mess of getting cake out of nostrils and belly buttons was enough to handle.

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