Friday, June 12, 2009

House Rules

Lately I've been thinking a little more about house rules. Maybe it's because the little one's been extra grumpy (or maybe because the big one has been grumbly too). But, we've been reassessing and trying to find out what works better for us.
After almost 5 years,you'd think we would have figured this out already. But it seems like a never-ending process. Trying to find routine and rules that fit our needs.

As it is, our rules are pretty simple:
  • Respect one another (No hitting, punching, kicking, backtalk, etc)
  • Respect the house (Pick up after yourself, don't break things)
  • Listen & do as you're asked (Works much better in theory)

Maybe it's because I grew up without a lot of rules, but it's been tough for me to know how to set them. But I also know the house runs so much smoother with them in place.

Do you have set house rules? How do you make sure the house runs smoothly?


Simply Being Mommy said...

This is also something that I need help with. With 3 young ones in the house, it is very hard to make things run smoothly. I have a hard time with the oldest because I expect her to do more while the younger ones don't have too because they don't really understand yet. Who knows?!? I'm probably not doing things right, but you learn as you go...right?

Delia said...

My kiddos and I sat down and made a poster with our house rules and stuck it up on the wall. There are 20 of them. Doesn't mean they follow all of them all of the time but they're there.

I like to tell people our house is full of disorganized chaos, and it is. Having rules doesn't necessarily mean everything will be perfect. Our rules are just basic guidelines for how we want to be as a family not set "don't run in the house" kind of things.

Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

Savi is a little young for now. We sometimes say no nicely just to set the tone but that is all I got. I'm learning from you!:)

Anonymous said...

We do have a set of house rules. Even though we do have those rules, the house never runs smoothly. So every month, we set down and update the rules and make sure everyone abides by them. If they don't, well, they get into trouble!

Anonymous said...
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