Thursday, September 2, 2010

Random Reads

It seems to be a good week for books in our house. Usually we consume a ton of books each week, but rarely do we find books that we want to read over and over.

At the public library last week, we borrowed a copy of Seven Silly Eaters. We have read it no less than 13 times in a week (sometimes finishing it, just to start over again.) Maybe it's because my son is such a picky eater, or maybe it's the sing-songy style of the book, but he is in love. (And I'm not looking forward to the day it has to be returned. I see a meltdown in his future that day.)The second favorite of the week: Uno's Garden. Little Man discovered this book at his school library, and barely got inside the front door before we were reading it together. The book is not only beautifully illustrated, but also teaches math skills and the impact of people on the environment. The first time through, the book almost brought tears to my little one's eyes. He is an animal lover and was heart broken to see people destroying their homes. But, by the third reading, he was noticing little hints in the final illustrations of the book that made him feel a little better about the ending.

And finally, after two weeks, we have finished reading Horns & Wrinkles. This book can easily be described as amazing.I found the book on a thrift store shelf-59 cents. Something about the cover caught my eye, and even though it is close to 400 pages, I knew I wanted to read it with Little Man. It didn't surprise me when he asked to go up to bed early to find out what the trolls were up to or to see what happened next to the main characters, Claire and Duke.

The "rivery" (or mystical) things that went on during the book kept him entertained, and I loved the message of the book: the importance of showing genuine kindness to others. I can't say enough about this book. We absolutely loved it!

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