Monday, October 4, 2010

Bedtime Books: Review

Picking out bedtime books, is a huge process for us. Little Man always seems to have such strong opinions about which stories he wants to hear (or read to me) before going off to bed.

We recently received two new bedtime books: Switching on the Moon and Moon Dreams. Both of which got Little Man's bedtime book approval.

Switching on the Moon: A Very First Book of Bedtime Poems (collected by Jane Yolen and Andrew Fusek Peters) contains a variety of poems that can easily lull a little one off to sleep. Topics covered in the book range from going to bed, dreams, and nighttime. Little Man adored the poem "My Bed," where the poet describes the things his bed could become, such as a boat, a car, or a submarine. I'm sure Little Man loved it since he never goes straight to sleep, he lays in bed "daydreaming" for as long as his little eyes will stay open.
The book contains beautiful, captivating illustrations from G. Brian Karas and is designed for younger children, from birth to age 5.

Moon Dreams
by Ruth Martin tells the story of Luna, a little girl in love with the moon. Luna knows the moon watches over her at night, but before falling asleep each night, she wonders where the moon goes during the day. Moon Dreams follows Luna's imaginative journey as she tries to discover where the moon spends its days.
We loved the artwork throughout the book (by illustrator Oliver Latyk). It depicts Luna's dreams and thoughts in such a fun and creative way. The story, aimed at kids 4-7, was a hit with Little Man, and we were able to discuss what really does happen to the moon during daylight hours.

Both books are now available for purchase from Candlewick Press and would make a great addition to any bookshelf.

Books were provided for our review. All opinions are our own.


candace said...

Both of these books look amazing! I've been looking for a book that has poems in it to read to my girls. I think I'll pick one up for Xmas. Thanks for sharing!

Kathleen said...

We love story time here and I read a book to all the boys before bed every night. These look great and I have been looking for new books to read, so I am definitely going to have to check them out!