Thursday, January 5, 2012

Puppet Heap Review

My son loves to make up stories, act out things, and write down tales. I never fail to be impressed by his imagination. Sometimes I really can't imagine where he gets his ideas from. Since I really want to encourage him to be creative and hope he continues with his story-writing, I'm constantly looking for ways to keep him interested and active.

I was recently introduced to the Puppet Heap. The Puppet Heap is a very unique puppet and character design company. They recently launched the "Puppet Heap Playthings," a line of hand puppets that are creatively based on their short film productions of Mother Hubbard and I Knew An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly.

My son was able to create and act out a story using Lucy, a bad-news cat from the town of Spudbottom. Lucy's "the one with the bum eye playing the fiddle for pennies by the bus stop...She's in with that shifty band of alley cats who caterwaul behind the music shop at all hours of the night."Lucy is so well-built and able to withstand the rough and tumble play that comes along with a 7-year-old boy. But both my son and I also love the details of Lucy. She has an almost realistic look to her, achieved through the careful attention to her facial features and coloration.

Puppet Heap Playthings are perfect for kids (and grown-ups) who love to preform or create their own stories. They have attitude and spunk, we're talking major attitude. Plus, they are amazingly high-quality and each puppet comes with a unique code that unlocks a secret window into that character’s world at the Puppet Heap Playthings website.

Puppet Heap Playthings puppets, including Lucy, can be purchased for around $20 at Amazon.

A sample was provided for review. All opinions are our own.


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