Thursday, January 26, 2012

Yes, I am

It seems that at least once a week, people question whether I'm still breastfeeding. And not in a positive, way to go, you rock for giving your baby the best possible nutrition kind of way.

Before Babycakes came along I never realized there was such controversy surrounding breastfeeding. I was occasionally disgusted after hearing of a mom being chastised in a store, but overall, I heard over and over that breast is best.

Now that I'm 5 months and counting into our breastfeeding relationship, I'm dealing firsthand with the questions.

When are you planning to stop? Aren't you tired of him always on your boob? Aren't you going to teach him to eat real food? Isn't it a pain to pump? Don't you want to drink, go out, etc?

Well the truth is this: We'll stop when he's ready. But at this point, I'm pretty sure it'll be before he finished high school. No, I'm not tired of him. I love staring into his little eyes. Last I checked, my milk is perfectly designed to sustain my baby. (And he's eating purees, but just for fun.) Pumping can be a pain. Not physically though. Those bottles and parts are a pain to wash. And I do go out. To my oldest's Cub Scout meetings, to baby group, to dinner.

I have to wonder why are so many people concerned with how I feed my baby? Breastfeeding has not limited how I live my life. But it has given me the chance to bond with my baby, to get to know his sweet little attitude, to see him thrive. I am proud of our relationship, as any breastfeeding mother should be. It's not always easy, but is well worth the reward.
So here's to the last 5 months, and the many months to come. And if you're a fellow breastfeeding mom, fielding questions from people too nosey for their own good (or any mom for that matter), I just want to say: Good for you! You rock!


Megan said...

I loved this!! People do get so wrapped up in it. I have friends who never did it because they thought it was "weird" to me I don't see how it could be but to each their own. Im sad my bfing days ended way before I wanted them too. But I did do 3.5 months and I am okay with that.

Congrats on 5 months and keep up the good work!!!!

P.S washing bottles SUCKS

Mya Maternity said...

I think this is great. Too many people become concerned about business that isn't theirs. Breastfeeding is best so keep it up. I also love the bond that is created when staring into a baby's eyes while they are feeding. It is beautiful.

The Calhoun Clique said...

I breastfed my first daughter until she was 14 months and am currently breastfeeding my 8 month old daughter with no plans to stop until she is at least 13 months. Good job, keep going!!

NatalieB said...

Good for you! My lil guy is 5 months too :) I BF my oldest for 15 months. I know people that have gone past 2 years. Gotta do what's right for YOU and YOUR BABY!

Anonymous said...

My little guy is 6 months old, and I will stop when he is ready. While I may lesson my pumping, I will night/morning nurse him as long as he wants.

I have such a hard time with people that criticize. I have a feeling my in-laws are going to be those people...but time will tell I guess.