Saturday, January 3, 2009

Bindi Kid Fitness Review

For Christmas, GM received a copy of Bindi Kid Fitness with Steve Irwin and the Crocmen. He is a huge fan of Bindi, going as far as to say she is his (imaginary) girlfriend. We watch Bindi the Jungle Girl on Discovery Kids almost every night, and he has learned so much about wildlife, adding to his obsession with animals.

Kid Fitness contains several songs to get little one's up and moving, using animal movements. When the Hippo Moves her Hips and Snake in the Grass were definitely big hits with GM. He was dancing from the moment the dvd began, and I had a lot of fun joining in with him. We both were mimicking the Crocmen's dance moves and ended up with quite the workout.

Throughout the dvd, there are recipes and cooking disasters featuring Bindi and the Croc Hunter. GM got a laugh watching them try to cook. As a bonus, the recipes are included in the dvd pamphlet. The Bindi Smoothie and Fair Dinkum Flapjacks are at the top of our must try list.

Overall, it was a great fitness dvd, and a wonderful workout GM and I could do together. I only wish the Crocmen moved slow enough for me to keep up! Even though we only finished a few minutes ago, he's already asking to watch it again. I'm really hoping some of the healthy eating tips will rub off on him as well.

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