Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Thrifty Shopping

I love shopping at thrift stores. There is always something there worth buying, even if you have to dig a bit to find it. The prices are unbeatable, and there is so much variety all under one roof.

We go about once a month to our local one, since it's still a bit of a drive. But after an hour there, we managed to buy:

17 kid's books, all in good condition
3 shirts for hubby
3 shirts for the little man
2 pairs of kid's pants
3 pairs of pants for me
1 sweater for me (from Express even)

The total? $29. I'd say that it was a pretty good trip.

The thing with thrift stores is you never know what type of people you'll run into.

First, there was Mrs. Mumble to Myself. I, unfortunately, was caught beside her for a good twenty minutes while I rummaged through bins of books. She picked up book after book, commented to herself about it, then made her decision to keep or put it back, after a long discussion with herself. It was rather mind numbing to listen to.

Then there was Grandma Talks Too Much. You know the one, the old lady who corners you for no reason and tells you her whole life story. I'm not sure it was necessary for me to know that she needed to buy metal dog food bowls because her dogs kept eating theirs or that her sister just had surgery. Blah, blah, blah.

And last was the mom with the screaming kid. Oh wait, that was me. Little man was so upset that the thrift store no longer carries toys. Me, I had to fake my sympathies for him. I was completely thankful I no longer had to hear him begging for toys that look a little too well loved or games that were missing half the pieces. I was more than happy to promise him an extra book to replace any toy he had hoped for.

Do you shop at thrift stores? What's been your best find?


Barely Domestic Mama said...

My mom loves to take me thrift store shopping when I am back in town visiting. She always finds great stuff. Me? I'm not that lucky. I did get a brand new Liz Claiborne shirt for $3 the last time I went shopping that made me happy.

Trish said...

I love thrift stores. I got some awesome stuff not that long ago. I got a giant clock that matches our front room perfectly for $2, along with lots of Christmas decorations, including giant wooden things to put in our yard. It was a great trip. I also managed to get the entire Anne of Green Gables book series by searching through several thrift stores. Most of the books were $.50-$.75.

Bloggymommy said...

Oh now see this is a topic that I can really get into! I LOVE thrift stores! LOVE THEM!!! We go to Good Will every now and then and I have found some AWESOME deals! I got my hubs a Banana Republic shirt for $5and my kids Gap clothes for next to nothing! I know that some people think that GW is for hoosiers BUT they have things from Target and other stores that are brand spankin new! I even go shopping there for Christmas and birthdays and find good things! Last time I was there I found a very high end purse (I'm not into purses that much so I can't think of the name but one of those REALLY expensive popular ones) for $60! Practically brand new!

AJ @ A Little Bit Nutty said...

I love thrifty shopping. It's such a high when you find great deals. It looks like you made out!

Sarah said...

I love shopping at thrift stores! Unfortunately I haven't been able to go much lately, too much hassle with the little ones. I've found tons of clothes for the kids and myself. Books, toys, you name it.

I used to buy things at thrift stores and resell them on eBay. My biggest profit was a big collection of tole painting books of all things. I paid about $25 for the bunch of them and ended up with about $800 when all was said and done.

Sarah said...

Mumble to Myself is sooo going in the round up for Show me the Funny! I knew I could count on my pal Staci A!

Shannon said...

Wow you made out like a bandit! There aren't any good thrifts stores here really... You did well.