Thursday, October 29, 2009

Popsicles & Empty Threats

It's 5 am.

We're eating popsicles, watching cartoons, and drinking ginger ale. Because that's how we roll before the crack of dawn.

I'm wishing I had slept for longer than 45 minutes.

My hair's a mess and I think I still have remnants of yesterday's make-up smeared across my face. But I'm sure my 5 year old won't mind too much. Yet again, that's how our day is going.

My overheard bits of randomness from the last few days (because randomness seems to be the only thing I'll do well today):

From my oh so sweet child to his aunt: You won't be laughing for long, you know. No idea what spurred this oh-so-serious wannabe threat. But everyone found it hilarious.

And Is that in the budget? when helping me make a list for the store. Even at 5, he acts like such a mini-me sometimes.


PropellerHeadMom said...

Too funny! My six year old woke me up at 1am because his belly hurt. My 3 year old climbed in my bed at 5:15am. My 6 year old returned to my room at 5:45 because he heard the garbage man. I should have just got myself out of bed and had a popsicle and ginger ale...sounds like a great idea :-)

Rob said...

What is better then popsicles and ginger ale at 5am. LOL

koreen (aka: winn) said...

My son slept in today. Yay for me!!! Normally he gets up pretty early. The popsicle and ginger ale probably make up for it, though. =)

Unknown said...

Those are the GOOD days. lolol. & Yay! nother ListMaker in the making ;)