Thursday, October 22, 2009

Trying to Stay Healthy AKA Fighting the Flu

Yesterday my niece tested positive for Influenza A. My fingers are crossed that she caught it Monday at the parade (which is what I'm assuming, since the kids with her woke up with a high fever the next day) because we spent most of the weekend playing together. And, to sound like my 5 year old, I don't want it.

We've been in sanitize mode lately. Little Man has learned to drop his shoes, jacket, and backpack by the door. Hands are washed immediately after getting home from school. And momma has used more than her fair share of Lysol and Wet Wipes.

We try to avoid going out too much, because no one else around here seems to have the common sense to stay home when they're sick. Today at work, a mom brought in her daughter and told everyone that they had the flu. Seriously, do you have any sense at all?

We've been sending Little Man to bed early, trying to get him as much rest as possible, and are pushing fruits and vitamin C.

Most of what we're doing really isn't out of the ordinary, but it's only October. I'm not ready to stress out over being sick all the time for the next 4 months or more through winter. The fact that someone in the house has had a cold of one type or another for over a month already doesn't help. Why can the germs just go away?!

How are you staying healthy? Any tips?


Jennifer said...

Who said we're staying healthy?! We've passed a cold germ around here for the last month or so, too. As for the flu, in 12 years only two of us have had it only once. We don't get vaccinations. We do eat healthy, take Vitamin C like crazy when we start to feel a little funky. And we stay away from restaurants and shopping malls and places where germy, inconsiderate people go when they're sick. In these fall months I am a little more particular about washing hands when we get in from grocery shopping though. And church, I make my kids sit with me instead of being in the closed up classrooms where they hold children's church.

And YAY about Jonny Diaz! I'll email you my info.

Rob said...

Healthy? Not in my house. All 5 of us have been sick and me, my wife and youngest are still sick. I got a flu shot too but crap that didn't seem to help. Hopefully this is the only time this season we get this cause it STINKS!!!!

kendahl a. said...

Ohhh, I'm sorry! Remember the vitamin C and echinacea, and good luck staying healthy! All I can do is hope my daughter doesn't bring anything with her when she's with us on the weekends.

Michelle@lifeinawhirlwind said...

We got the flu in our household a few weeks back so I'm really, really hoping we got it out of the way early and won't get it again. Good luck in your covert operation.

Nice mom, bringing her sick kid to work with her. Brilliant!

Anonymous said...

We had the flu at our house last week. We've been working on washing hands and not sharing cups. My kids are really bad about sharing sippy cups. My 5 year old usually drinks all of his and then steals my 3 year olds.

Getting to bed at a decent time helps too! Extra rest!

2Wired2Tired said...

We are trying so hard to stay healthy here too. I've been giving my kids fruits and veggies none stop, with every meal and for every snack. I stay up on their vitamins and try to make sure they get enough sleep. Keeping our fingers crossed over her for your family and ours.

Momstart said...

It's amazing that you have your son trained so well. I haven't been trying at all to keep the flu away and I'm afraid it just struck

Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

Hope you are staying healthy! I just sanitize like crazy!

Sara said...

Well, we aren't staying healthy at all apparently because we all have H1N1.

Leave it up to the Swine Flu to turn my children into Germophobes. Seriously, even my toddler is sanitizing and disinfecting.

We have increased our Vitamin C and D. I drink Airborne twice a day, Mucinex is great for drainage/runny noses (even the kids version has done wonders). We are trying to get more rest than usual.

Stay healthy!