Friday, January 22, 2010

Get Financially Naked Book Review

In our house, momma is in charge of the money. My husband will fully admit that I take care of our finances. I created the budget, I pay the bills, I make sure the money is where it's supposed to be, when it's supposed to be there. If it were left up to him, my guess is, it wouldn't take long for our lights to get turned off!

We have very different perspectives when it comes to money. He's a spender. I'm a saver.

Get Financially Naked: How to Talk Money With Your Honey
, by Manisha Thakor and Sharon Kedar provides the down and dirty on how to discuss finances with your significant other. Written by two financial analysts, the book provides tips and tools on how to minimize financial stresses that can come between a couple.My hubby and I have been married for almost 6 years, and I don't remember us ever really talking about our financial situation. I often tell him what he can spend, or not spend, but we never get into an in depth conversation about it.

Get Financially Naked discusses how to own your own finances, discuss the topic with your partner, and plan for the future. One chapter of the book, "How Financially Compatible Are You?" offers a quiz to take with your partner. I made my hubby answer the questions, and I was very surprised at some of his answers. While I knew we had our differences, I never knew just how "out of the loop" he felt when it came to our finances. The quiz really opened up communication between us.

I appreciate how the book is laid out in step by step form. It not only focuses on current finances, but also on saving and investing. I learned quite a bit of new information from Get Financially Naked, and I hope to talk my hubby into reading it as well. I think it would really help him to understand my point of view a little better.

I would recommend this to new couples and those struggling to understand their finances. The real-life advice Thakor and Kedar offer can definitely change your thoughts on discussing money with your partner.

A copy of the book was provided for my review. All thoughts are my own.


jingle said...

what a giggling post,
your title sizzled,
and money is everyone's concerns.

beautiful article of the day, cheers, ;)

Lynsey Jones said...

Oh WOW do I ever wish I had this book a year ago! LOL Mike and I still occasionally struggle over money. After both being independent pretty much our entire lives, and having our own habits with money (which are OPPOSITE from eachother to say the least) it was very hard to blend our finances together. We have worked things out (many fights) but I think I may pick up this book... just in case things fire up again LOL

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