Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Penguin Luck: Book Review

It seems that lately I can easily lose myself in a good book. I find myself feeling a connection to the characters, reading as quickly as possible just to see what happens next.

Penguin Luck is the debut novel from Kay Mupetson, a journalist turned lawyer. Mupetson graduated from NYU Law School and has practiced law for over 25 years. She has served as grand counsel for a telecommunications company in New York and reported as a journalist in the Middle East.

Penguin Luck follows the story of Doreen, a young associate at a New York law firm. Doreen is the type of girl who always pleases her family, who does what is expected. That is until she meets a banker who changes it all.
Doreen's life is complicated by three spirits who regularly visit her, pleading with her to carry on for them after the Holocaust. Doreen must endure their pleas and learn to embrace the path she has chosen in her life. She must find a way to balance the internal and external struggles she feels.

Penguin Luck is a wonderful read. It's filled with joy and pain, love and heartbreak. It contains family situations that so many of us can relate to. As a reader, I could easily connect to some of the struggles Doreen was experiencing and the feelings that went along with each one.

I received a copy of the book for review, but all opinions are my own.

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