Monday, January 18, 2010

WordWorld: My Fuzzy Valentine DVD Review

I've mentioned WordWorld in the past. My five year old and I love watching the show on PBS Kids, but now that he's in school, he misses seeing it on TV. That's one of the reasons I love that they've put the episodes out on DVD.Recently released, My Fuzzy Valentine contains two full episodes from the Word friends. The first, which the DVD is named after, follows Sheep as she tries to create a special Valentine's song for Bear. Along the way, she gets help from her Word pals to create just the right words.

In the second episode, The Love Bug, Frog shows Bug a little encouragement and helps him to spell his name, allowing him to sign a Valentine card. (Little Man loves Bug, so he was excited that he was the "star" of this episode.)

As always, I love the skills WordWorld teaches, as well as the social lessons. The episodes focus on improving literacy skills, friendship, and determination. The messages the Word friends send out are perfect reinforcement for my 5 year old, as he develops and maintains friendships at school.

My Fuzzy Valentine can be purchased at NCircle Entertainment for $5.99 (on sale now) or Amazon for $6.99

Thanks to NCircle Entertainment for providing a copy for review. All opinions are our own.


Rachael @ Empowering Mommy said...

I'm headed over to purchase it now. We always need new movies and this one looks great! And I love the price!

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