Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tackle It Tuesday: The Desk

Somehow our computer desk is a dropping spot for stuff. All sorts of random things make their way there. And never seem to leave. Though this is an older photo, the view is pretty typical.

I returned everything to it's home, leaving me with a ::gasp:: clean, clutter-free desk. The baskets were sorted through, leaving one for electronics and one for my randomness (earrings that I always leave laying on the desk, hair bands, pens.) I know it's better to accept that I'll leave this stuff on the desk than to say I'll start putting it away. I know that I won't.

Accepting it is the first step of the battle. Right?

And the wipes/diaper holder? It's the new home to a DSi and the games to go with it. Who needs to go buy a case when you can make due with what you've got already?!
This little box has become home to my Post-Its. I use them for everything. I adore the box, bought at a public auction years ago for maybe 50 cents. It's sat unused since. But it makes a perfect hiding spot on my desk.


MuseBootsi said...

I find that any flat spot in a house collects "stuff." Maybe we should put spikes on everything like they do to keep birds away.

Or we could just do what you did and clean it every once in a while!

I love that box!

Kelli said...

Our flat surfaces seem to collect stuff, too. Why is that, exactly?

BTW, your desk is so nice and clean, go you!

Unknown said...

My desk is a breeding ground for things. I swear stuff I have never seen ends up on that desk. I am looking at it right now and feel slightly motivated to go clean it. I'm closing your page now so I will stop that silliness. :)

Janna said...

Yay!!!! Organization is such a great feeling.
That box is really a nice piece.

Unknown said...
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