Friday, September 4, 2009

Meet Wilbur

Wilbur is small and pink, and very loud.
Wilbur is also not a fan of being held.

And this is Arnold.
Little man thought he needed a hug.
This caused lots of squeals.
Mostly from the poor pig.

And this is how I spend a Friday night.


Chanda said...

How fun! I love it! I think that is a great way to spend a Friday night!

Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

Aw wilbur is so cute! Where was Wilbur? Not another

Ronnie said...

Looks like fun! Thanks for visiting my blog! I'm following you!

Aliceson said...

So cute! Our neighbors across the road raise pigs. Sometimes we hear their squeals but mostly we smell them. Not a bad Friday night; mucking their pens would be worse. ;)

Cat@3KidsandUs said...

Oh my gosh, I love piggies!! sqeeeee

I just want to grab him up and hold him.

just another mother said...

that's so fun!! how cute!

Jessie said...

Awww so cute!

Chrissy said...

Hahaha, how cute. My dad always wanted a pig when I was growing up. They seem like so much fun! :-)