Friday, September 18, 2009

4 Weeks In

I feared the worst sending Little Man to school. It was his first time being away from home for so long. The first time he would spend so much time surrounded by 30 other 5 year olds. The first time dealing with fitting in. (Which when you're 5 means no picking your nose, no discussing bodily functions with the girls, and shutting the door when you use the bathroom.)

I had my fears.

But 4 weeks in, it seems that all is well.

Unlike my sister-in-law, the principal has yet to call my cell phone.

My 5 year old niece, who started kindergarten at another school apparently threatened some of other kids this week. (Though I'm sure mommy and daddy won't blame it on the completely inappropriate movies and music she's exposed to. Like Twlight, which she can basically recite word for word, or the random lyrics she spouts out: "if I ever see you again and this gun is loaded, you'll sleep in hell." Because every 5 year old needs to talk like that, right?)

This week, she also apparently stole snacks from other kids and broke other students' pencils.

So yes, I'm glad my fears were limited to nose picking and mild potty talk (aka "I just tooted"). And yes, I'm glad my little one still shows his innocence. I'm glad that his biggest worry of the day is what he can take for show and tell or where he'll get to sit at lunch.

But, I'll also still prepare myself for when my moment comes, when I have to deal with school drama, a principal's call, or a note from the teacher. I'll keep reminding myself that no one's perfect, and our day may come. (Okay, will come.)

But for now I'll just be thankful that we're 4 weeks in. 4 weeks with exciting stories of recess and friends. 4 weeks of excitement over heading off each and every day. 4 weeks down and lots more to go.


Barely Domestic Mama said...

Glad to hear Little Man is adjusting well.

One of my twin 7 year old nephews knows his principal very, very well since he spends most of his time in the office...and he is only in the 1st grade.

koreen (aka: winn) said...

Congrats for getting through this hurdle. Sounds like it's going fine. And preserving their innocence is not as easy as it sounds. They're going to be hearing stuff at school, now. Good luck. =)

Ronnie said...

Glad everything is going well. My baby girl just started kindergarten as well. We just finished our 4th week and no unexpected or unwanted calls yet! Initially, she was really attatched to "wiggly puppy" her stuffed animal that she's had since infancy and was extremely whiny frequently, but that has improved. Are you enjoying your days at home? They seem to fly by to me!

Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

Glad all is well! Before you know it the year will be over!

danette said...

Congrats, glad he's doing so well!