Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Book Review: Tinycandy's Gift

Christmas may be over, but we are still reading Christmas books in our house. There are so many wonderful ones out there. It's not fair to only read them once a year. We recently had the chance to read Tinycandy's Gift written by Susan E. Estes and illustrated by Mike

In Tinycandy’s Gift, Estes creates a unique history of how the candy cane got its name and weaves in a classic tale that conveys to children one of the pivotal rules of life. Estes has spent her life working with and raising children and believes that teaching them to appreciate their own and others’ differences is the most important lesson of all.
Tinycandy's Gift follows a small elf at the North Pole. Tinycandy is on a search for his gift. He wants to find the one thing that will make him special. Tinycandy must learn to overcome obstacles though. He deals with his differences, unfriendly elves, and several unsuccessful attempts at creating toys. And yet, he perseveres to find his talent.

My five year old was very attentive throughout the book. He loved the story of how the candy cane first came about and only interrupted me once.

Look in your stocking when you awake--
If you have been good, you can partake.
Santa has placed a candy cane for you,
Made by elves who hearts are now true.

After hearing this, my son grabbed my arm and announced, "That must be why I got so many!"

Tinycandy's Gift is a wonderful Christmas story to share with little one's during the holiday. It teaches determinations, forgiveness, and hope. This is one we will definitely be reading again.

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You can purchase Tinycandy's Gift at Amazon for $14.95.

While a copy of the book was provided for our review, all opinions are our own.

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