Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My Hate for Blue Bills

I dread getting blue envelopes in the mail. They carry with them such annoyance. Wondering what arrives in the light blue carrier of doom? That would be our electric bill, or the piece of paper that will suck away half of our bank account at the moment.

I opened it this morning and about choked on my Cheerios. Okay, that's a lie. I don't eat Cheerios. But if I did, I most certainly would have keeled over from inhaling them with my gasp of shock that escaped. $300 for one month of electric. Granted, we are living in a bigger house this winter and it has electric heat versus gas, but we only have the heat on in the main rooms we use.

So for 1 upstairs bedroom (yes, all 3 of us are sharing 1 of our 4 bedrooms) and 5 downstairs rooms we doubled our electric use from 3 months ago. This is truly ridiculous. Tomorrow, I'll be on a mission to find ways to reduce our usage. I have a feeling I'll be sewing up quite a few draft blockers (those things for along the doorways) and researching ways to cut back. I'm just not sure our pockets can handle a whole winter of bills like this.

I'm really wishing we would have realized just how drafty this house was before moving in. Since we didn't, we'll just have to find some ways to deal with it. To make matters worse, we are going to be in the middle of a huge ice storm over the next few hours. Maybe I should start sewing now.


TeachinAuntie said...

Ugh, so sorry about your power bill! Ours are worse in the winter too! We actually use less to COOL the house than we do to heat it....but I have birds & don't like to be cold!

Door draft protectors are a great idea. I'd also cover the windows in the back/sides of the house (if you don't want plastic showing on the front of the house). You can also use blankets as curtains to keep the cold out/heat in. Not pretty but it keeps it warm!

Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

We're feeling it too. We were dreading winter, and planned not to turn the heat up too high, but we live in an old, drafty house and were freezing before long. The draft blockers are a great idea. I'm always surprised how well they work. I'll have to make some too - I wanted to buy them, but couldn't find them anywhere this year.

Unknown said...

I first read this as "My Hate for Blue Balls" LOL

Anonymous said...

Electric bills are the worst, ours is never less than $500 a month and of course arrives on a little blue postcard. ugh

AJ @ A Little Bit Nutty said...

I have a hate for our electric bill too! It was 375 this month and 279 last month. Up from the normal 170 a month. I am so ready for winter to be over!