Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Halfway to Each Other Review

All week long I’ve been day dreaming about faraway places. A little of that could be because I was immersed in the pages of Halfway to Each Other, a true story of family life by Susan Pohlman.

Halfway to Each Other follows Susan and Tim Pohlman, who had been married for 18 years. With two kids, work, and a home, they were on the verge of divorce. At the end of a business trip in Italy, they plan to come home to finalize the divorce and break the news to their family. But before leaving, Tim brought up a new idea. What if they leased an apartment in Italy for a year instead?

So instead of going home to end things for good, they changed everything. They sold their car, sold their home, and gave up everything they had once known. They slowed down their lives, they reconnected as a family.

Halfway to Each Other is an amazing story that answers the question of what if? for one family. It answers the question of what’s possible when you give up what you know for a new adventure. And it answers the question of how something so unthinkable can be the perfect solution.

As a mom, some days I want nothing more than an absolutely simple life. Susan and Tim plunged themselves right into that lifestyle. They gave up the fast-paced, non-stop way of life. They gave up electronics, a personal car, and fast food. They learned a new way of living, and the way Susan describes it in Halfway to Each Other makes readers feel like they are along for the ride, even if it gets a little bumpy at times.

Halfway to Each Other will be released September 2009, and I definitely recommend checking it out.


sheila said...

WOW, this sounds like something I'd DEFINITELY read...wow! Good review! Your review alone makes me want to buy this one.

sheila said...

and normally I don't even read many reviews. lol I skip past. This actually sounds like a true to life thing.

Sorry...lol...I just took 2 comments, lol

Susan said...

I so appreciate your review!! Thank you very much. Come visit me at www.susanpohlman.com to see photos from our year in Italy.


Amber! said...

Great! I will have to check it out. I have done a LOT of marriage counseling and this sounds like it would be worth a look.