Monday, August 25, 2008

Thoughts on Waitressing

I may have mentioned that I waitress a few days a week before. To me, it's a way to earn a little money, get some adult interaction, and get out of the house just for a bit. While I love working with people sometimes, there are days where just the idea of it makes me cringe. Here's some tips from this girl on going out to eat, from my waitress point of view:

1. I'm a server, not a servant, please keep that in mind. While I don't mind taking your order, bring your food, and all that, don't ask me to get you a newspaper (get it yourself), don't expect me to be at your every beck and call, and do not expect me to do things you wouldn't do yourself. (This includes cleaning up your kid's puke, which someone actually asked me to do, they got a roll of paper towels, a bag, and a dirty look.)

2. Be patient. Do not sit down and tell me you are in a hurry, you've got to be somewhere in 20 minutes. Everyone else is in a hurry too, if you're so hard pressed for time, go to McDonalds.

3. Keep your children sitting down. Do people not realize it's dangerous for a young child to run around a restaurant? I'm walking around with hot food, coffee pots, and lots of other things you don't want your child to wear, so keep them in their seat.

4. If you have a problem, tell me asap. Don't eat your entire meal, then tell me it was disgusting and you had to choke it down. If I can fix it, I will, but complaining afterward is just annoying, and yes, you will still get charged.

5. Don't complain over $0.15! Really, you ordered the food, you shoved your face, then you tell me I overcharged you by a few pennies? Lady: You charged us 15 cents for raisin toast. Me: Yes, you ordered it right? (Probably as I rolled my eyes and thought, are you really this freaking cheap?) Lady: They didn't charge us last time. Me: Well, they should of. (As I walk away, cringing as I think of the tip this cheap lady is going to leave me.)

6. Which brings me to tipping, I've heard people comment that we shouldn't get tips because we get a paycheck too. Um, I make $2.83 an hour, that equals out to less than $1 after taxes. So yes, I rely on tips, it's the only way to make this job worth being there. Stop tipping, and I'll stop working.

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Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? said...

So true! I used to wait tables. I made $2.13/hour and some people shorted me on tips!

And, when I got snapped at...I almost dropped some hot plates on people....that's not right!