Friday, September 12, 2008

Harry Potter

I'm going to be completely honest with ya'll. I am a Harry Potter novice, co-existing among some fanatics. Hubby loves the movies, he's seen them all more than I can remember. If any are being played on tv, I'll be sure to know about it. My brother is a book fiend. He flew through each of the books after waiting outside the bookstores at midnight on the night of their release.

Me? I've seen the movies a few times myself. I still can't keep the names straight, but I can't keep any names straight to save myself. I've yet to read the books, but I have little time for reading anymore. I'm lucky if I can read throuh the directions of GM's new toys before getting pulled in 15 different directions.

When GM gets old enough, I'm sure he'll want to read all the books. By than they may even be considered classics. Even at four, the kid is such a book worm.

Over at MomDot, they are giving away the collectible edition produced to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. The grand prize includes the Complete Box Set Books #1 - #7, a copy of the 10th Anniversary Edition of ‘Sorcerer’s Stone’, and a collectible Harry Potter Gold Pin (worth $195!).

Four runners up will win a copy of the 10th Anniversary Edition of ‘Sorcerer’s Stone’ and a collectible Harry Potter Gold Pin (worth $30 each).

To enter, go check out all the details here at MomDot, then go check out Scholastic's website. They have all sorts of Harry Potter details to check out. There's games, downloads, and info on the Knight Bus, which could be coming to your hometown (but unfortunately, not my little podunk town). Don't forget to check out the details on the latest book coming out 12/04/08!

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