Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I'm Late, I'm Late, for a very important date?

This post may be way too much info for some of you out there in bloggy-land, but hubby and I have been hoping for baby number 2 for over two years now. Every month has come and gone with no luck in the baby department.

Today being the 16th, leaves me 6 days late, and filled with hope that this could be it. Problem is anytime I'm the slightest bit late, I get so excited. Then, it all turns out to be false hope, and I'm crushed again.

Could this finally be it? Hubby just ran to the store for a stick to pee on, so I guess we shall see. I've got my fingers and toes, and everything else crossed. Please, oh please, let this turn out good. I'll be here waiting on two pink lines...

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Kaycee said...

Good luck!! Definitely let us know :)