Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Feeding Penny Pig Book Review

In our house, we are constantly reading. We love having several books on one topic as a way to reiterate what we're trying to teach our son. Money has been a hot topic around here lately, and we've had the chance to read several books together about saving money.

Feeding Penny Pig by Jeannine Fox offers a unique perspective on saving money. The grandma in the book, Mimi, is searching for the perfect birthday gift for her granddaughter, Laney. When she stumbles upon a very sad piggy bank, she knows she has found the right gift.Mimi teaches Laney that to properly care for Penny Pig, she must give her coins regularly. The book explains saving money in child-friendly terms, but it also discusses ways that children can earn money, such as helping around the house.

My son enjoyed reading the story with me, though he did question what the little girl was going to do with the coins she saved. I was able to use his curiosity to talk to him about how he would use the money and what jobs he would enjoy doing to earn money. The book was a great discussion starter.
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A copy of the book was provided for review. All opinions are our own.

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Sounds like a cute book!