Tuesday, May 12, 2009

20 Easy Ways to Help Save the Earth Book Review

Talk of "being green" or "going green" seems to be at an all time high. Everyone is talking about what they can do to better the Earth. Even my 4 year old, has been talking about ways to save the Earth the last few weeks. But, it can be tough to help someone so young understand just how they can help.

20 Easy Ways to Help Save the Earth, written by Pedro Rita, does just that. It puts being green into words that kids can understand. It shows the impact of being environmentally friendly, as well as what happens when people don't take care of our environment.
Before I got a chance to sit down and read the book with my son, he had started looking through it himself. From the pictures, he explained to me what was happening, and which pictures made "the Earth happy."

20 Easy Ways to Help Save the Earth is a great teaching tool. It encourages kids (and parents) to be Earth friendly through simple tasks, such as:
  • Recycling
  • Planting flowers or trees
  • Turning off lights, tv, or other utilities when not in use
In addition to writing, Pedro Rita has coached various levels of soccer and established the Green Earth Club, to develop conservation programs created by kids. His other books include A Boy and His Team and A Great Soccer Tournament.

You can also check out the 20 Easy Ways to Save the Earth book trailer to find out more.


Anonymous said...
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Amber! said...

I love how simple it can be....and teaching the kiddos early in life is wonderful! Great review.

Momstart said...

we're enjoying this book right now