Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Ribert & Robert's WonderWorld Review

Today was one of those days. The little one talked all day. By all day, I mean non-stop. By early afternoon my head was throbbing, I was desperate for a little relief.

I popped in a new DVD that arrived in the mail a few days ago. And it was a lifesaver! For the first time all day, my 4 year old sat quietly, completely engaged in the show.
Ribert & Robert's WonderWorld stars Ribert, an animated frog, and Robert, his human friend. Right from the start, you could see the how energetic the two were, as you rode along with Ribert on the WonderWorld rollercoaster. The little one put on his helmet right away (and put one on my head too) and was ready to ride. Throughout the DVD, the challenges allowed him to engage with the DVD. He was yelling answers from the couch, and dancing along with Ribert after every right answer.

We were able to watch two episodes, Winter and the Rainforest. Of course, my animal-loving son told me the Rainforest was his favorite. His only complaint was that he loved the real photos of animals showcased, and wished that part was longer! However, he was mesmerized watching how to draw a parrot too, and wanted to try it himself after the show.

You can watch episodes online at WonderWorld TV, or check to see if they are playing in your area. There are also coloring pages, games, and a photo album featuring Ribert and Robert.

WonderWorld TV is also home to the Ribby Awards, a quarterly event that allows children to show off their talents. Parents can help their kids video tape their gifts and upload it to the site. Finalists from 11 categories win various prizes and are eligible for the grand prize drawing later in the year.

Be sure to check out Ribert & Robert episodes with your kids, and let me know what they think. But be warned, they just might fall in love with that little green frog!


Erin said...

I love interactive shows that allow kids to play along! This looks like great DVD's for my three year old. I am going to check it out. Thanks for the tip!

Sarah said...

This sounds cute! My son likes interactive type shows too, we'll look into it.