Friday, May 29, 2009

Because Some People Don't have to Work

Yall may remember that I hate family dinners.

Now, I love my family. I love spending time with them, and see them all at least once a week.

But add the extended family into the picture, throw in a holiday, and things get miserable. People are cranky, little one's get restless, and the whole experience exhausts me. Every time.

Memorial Day was no different. Oh no, my family doesn't reserve catty comments for major holidays.

So what was it this time?

Well, I guess some people don't have to work.

Thanks, grandma. The problem with her condescending comment is that I do work part-time. And when she asks, I clean her house to help her out. But yes, the other days of the week, I spend my time sitting at home doing absolutely nothing. I never clean the house, I never cook dinner, I never do laundry, I never take care of my kid. I do nothing.

*And I promise, last rant of the week.


Amber! said...

Ha Ha!! It is nice to see how similar families can be..... although mine used to be, "I guess it is okay for a woman to work." Thanks to my gma!

thelifeihadbefore said...

LOL...I do all that and work 40 hours a week away from home too....but grandma surely wasn't meaning to be mean! Have a good day!

Kelly said...

That's weird that your grandma would say that since she probably didn't work when she was younger.

My husband still doesn't understand what I do all day. I wish I could leave him home for one whole day but I'm breastfeeding so I don't like to be away too long