Friday, May 29, 2009

Care Bears: Tell-Tale Tummies

Growing up, we loved watching Saturday morning cartoons. Now, I'm getting the chance to spend Saturday mornings watching cartoons with my little one. It's nice to sit back and relax once a week, and just watch tv together. (It's also a great time to steal some snuggles.)

A few weekends ago, I noticed CBS was playing Care Bears. My sister and I always loved Care Bears growing up, so I just had to turn it on. Turns out, my son is a fan too. We love all the different Bears' personalities, and I love that the show sends out positive messages.

This June, Care Bears: Tell-Tale Tummies will be presented on DVD from Lionsgate. It features 8 episodes that have never been released before.
We had the chance to watch Tell-Tale Tummies and loved it. The episodes are short, so we can squeeze one in when we're in between activities, but they have great messages to them. Tell-Tale Tummies helps kids understand the importance of being honest and how to avoid exaggerating things.

Little man gives it two-thumbs up.

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