Sunday, September 28, 2008

Diner Drama

Today seemed like the longest day ever at work. It was just never ending. And I had to deal with people like this:

Guy walks in in his Sunday best, carrying his Starbucks coffee, and gets sat in my section. We have a big ol' sign on the door: "No outside food or drinks." So instead of being completely cruel and asking him to throw away such a yummy cup of coffee, I carry over one of our cups...

Me: I hate to bother you, but would you please pour your coffee into one of our cups? We don't allow outside food or drinks. (You should've read the sign, moron.)

Him, with a ton of attitude: Do you just want me to leave?

Me: No, I just want you to pour your coffee over.

Him: I'll just leave then.

Me, completely annoyed by now: Well, the door's right there, feel free.

Dude, it was a freaking cup of coffee. I didn't ask you to throw it away. I was completely nice at first. But you must have forgot to remove that stick from your butt before you sat down. And really, the big sign on the door didn't clue you in? And yeah, thanks for causing such a scene. At least all my other customers felt bad that I had to deal with such a jerk, and left me great tips. So, really, keep your dollar, you may have left, and go to McD's where they don't care how rude and stuck up you are. And to your wife, who sat there mouth gaping open in horror, get yourself some guts and remind him that in public, we act civilized.


Stacy said...

Good for you! He probably would've left a dollar and camped! Good riddance!

I loved the corn casserole! It was so easy. Thanks!

Lindsey said...

eeek! what a bummer!

Haasiegirl said...

HAHAHA! Did you tell him to get to getting?



ps i am begging you to take off word verification on your site