Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Grocery (or Gross-ery) Shopping

There's nothing like going to the grocery store and getting cornered by some crazy lady between the chips and pregnancy tests. Not kidding, I had GM and hubby with me, and they had just headed off to the bathroom. This lady comes up, seemingly nice enough, and asks me how old GM is? She says she just wanted to stop and tell me she was surprised at how I parented. (Because he had been pitching a fit about wanting some stupid toy, and rather than just saying no, I explained why he couldn't have it. Point blank, I told him it would break in under 2 minutes).

Anyways, she didn't just stop to tell me that. She starts rambling about how she had just visited a friend with kids, telling me their names and ages, and all sorts of things. Well, than she starts telling me how one of the kids walked in on her in the bathroom (and she had her period) and the kid asked something about it. Sorry for lack of details, I was planning my escape. But, who discusses this with a complete stranger? Yuck! I don't need to know about someone walking in on you, and I really don't need any information on your time of the month, thank you very much!

This is what I get for being nice to everyone. I should just start walking away. I tried my best to look engrossed in the Dorito bag I had just picked up, but no luck. She just kept talking. Luckily when the boys returned, she headed the other direction.

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CMP said...

i swear that woman was my mother in law.....