Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Results Are In...

A big fat negative. It's what I expected, but not what I was hoping for. I really was thinking that this may finally be the month. So not only am I upset about the results, I'm also annoyed with hubby.

The store is five minutes away. Yet, the trip took him an hour and a half. He couldn't find tests at the first store, so he ran elsewhere, ran into people he knew, yada yada yada, and he forgot his cell at home. He pulled in the drive right as I had started putting GM in the car to go look for him. I honestly was freaking out thinking something had happened. All the while, GM's telling me not to worry, "think about other things, like balloons, mommy."

On a positive note, we took the little one for a hike today and had a blast. We walked the trails, played at the playgrounds, and got to see crayfish, squirrels, and frogs.


hippos toes said...

I'm sorry to hear your news. I know how hard it can be to go through this. We would like #2 as well but it was a long, long road to #1 :). Hugs to you.

Emily ~ Little Window Shoppe said...

I'm sorry to hear your news too. :( <--- me very sad for you. On a happy note and thinking about that crayfish, wow!! Are you holding it? So brave.