Monday, October 6, 2008

Halloween is Almost Here

GM and I spent all day making Halloween crafts today. I'll post some pictures tomorrow, but he made some scary paper jack-o-lanterns and glue ghosts. Plus a collage for grandpa's birthday. Tomorrow, we're putting out pumpkins on the porch. Here's last years display at the old house:

He's so excited for the parades and trick or treating. We finally narrowed down his costume choices. My sister picked him up both a skunk and a monkey costume at Old Navy today since he couldn't decide between the two. Later, when he called grandpa to wish him a happy birthday, he asked if grandpa could pick him up some "skunk spray" to complete his costume. Um, baby, if you smell like skunk, momma's not letting you leave the house. I'm not thinking you'll get too much candy smelling like that.

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Susan G. said...

Cute pumpkins, can't wait to see this years pics !