Thursday, March 26, 2009

Bento for a Picky Eater

The other day I mentioned how aggravated I was with the little one's eating habits. I started searching online for ways to make fun lunches. What did I do before Google?

I stumbled upon a site with ideas on creating Bento lunches. Hopefully she doesn't think I'm a stalker after spending a good 3 hours looking through her ideas. The Gibbon even joined me in checking out the photos and deciding what new foods he would try.

Bento lunches are very visually appealing. They seem fun and exciting to the little one. He's ready to go shopping for the tools we need and foods to fill up on. While Bento meals are meant to be healthy, incorporating a bit from each food group, we went with a snack version the first time around. The Gibbon went crazy. I can't wait to sneak in new foods and see what happens.Now I know this isn't a true Bento, but it's similar. Filled with: bananas and strawberries, crackers, m & ms and marshmallows, raisins, pretzels, and chocolate dipped vanilla Stix from Pringles.


Sandy said...

Check out muffin tin Mondays at Her Cup Overfloweth! It's the same idea using a muffin tin. My kids love it:0)

Beth said...

This is a really cute idea, even for kids that aren't picky eaters! I love your snack combinations!

Suzanne said...

That is a neat idea. can I share Gibbon's snack next time?

--Leann-- said...

muffin tins and ice cube trays are great for this.

LOVE 'bento' days.