Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What Kind of Parent are You?

DreamBox Learning K-2 Math is an interactive math education game that learns with your child and adapts to their skill level. The game is curriculum based and has a dashboard where parents can monitor their child's progress.

Over at DreamBox Learning, parents can also take the "What's Your EDU-Parenting Style?" quiz. Here's my results:

Mentors are focused on preparing their children for life-long learning. When talking with their children, they listen and guide with questions, often providing choices and decision-making opportunities. While strategies and boundaries they establish might be invisible to the casual observer, they ground their parenting style. By modeling independent thinking and problem solving, Mentors hope their children become independent learners and thinkers in their own right.

I think it was right on! What type of parent are you? Take the quiz and let me know!


Leah said...

Neat quiz! I am a mentor as well!

Anonymous said...
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Ms. Candice said...

I would hope that I would be a mentor! I'm probably more like a "school marm". Is that one of the choices? I'm bossy.

TeachinAuntie said...

I'm a mentor too!