Saturday, March 7, 2009

Small Talk Six

Small Talk Six is all about travel this week. I think everyone could use a vacation right now. I know I definitely could. While part of the topic was to list places to visit if I had someone trustworthy to watch my son, I have to admit, I would hate a vacation if he wasn't along right now. It's more fun as a family.

Here's our six:
1. Australia: The Gibbon is in love with the animals there, and I would love to see Sydney Harbor and visit Gold Coast.
2. Scotland: I love the architecture there, almost as much as I love the accents.
3. The Caribbean: I have amazing memories of snorkeling off the coast of one of the islands, and exploring the little shops that seemed to appear every where you looked.
4. Hawaii: Looks like paradise to me.
5. Massachusetts: Years ago, I went whale watching, and I've made a promise to myself to take the Gibbon there some day.
6. Ireland: Being partly Irish, I would love to see the countryside and sit in a pub. To me, it just seems like an amazing place.

But, for today, we'll settle for a more local adventure. A trip to the zoo and our first ride on the Metro.


Anonymous said...

Oh my boyfriend would LOVE to go there, me too!

Diane said...

all great places! but a trip to the zoo sounds fun too! i'd love to do anything outdoors right now. i live in detroit - it's pretty disgusting here this time of year....

thanks for stopping by my blog!

Bloggymommy said...

YAY for Ireland and Scotland!

Unknown said...
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Heather said...

I think maybe Hawaii would be on my top 10. Not a beach person. Great list though!

Sarah said...

Oops, posting from the wrong Google account.

Great list - I'd love to visit all of those places too!

Anonymous said...

Australia, Scotland, Hawaii... Ooh I love all your choices.

Anonymous said...

All your choices are my choices too. Esp Ireland. And hawaii. Ahhh, but money! Drat! That damned money! lol