Sunday, March 22, 2009

Random Giggle

As we're sitting around watching cartoons this morning (okay, more like playing with toys, writing, doing a million this at once), a commercial came on that said "You rock."

All of the sudden, the Gibbon was waving his hands in the air and jumping around with a huge smile on his face. Then, he turns around to me and says, in all seriousness, "They're talking about me. I rock."

He was so sure they were talking about how awesome he is. I couldn't do anything but smile and nod.


tara said...

oh my goodness, how cute is that?! Of course they were talking about him!

Felicia said...

How cute is that!!!!

Thanks for stopping by and grabbing the Spring Bash Button!!

Suzanne said...

Of COURSE they were talking about Gibbon! :D

Anonymous said...

That is too funny!! I mean, who else would they have been talking about? ;)